John Robinson


John has been a member since 2002, has his Commercial Pilot License and Instrument Rating. John is an active member as a Yellowbird pilot, flying the DHC-1 Chipmunks.

Dave Carrick

Vice President / Chief Pilot

David Carrick has been a member since 2013 and was elected to the Board of Directors in 2015 as the Director of Flight Operations. David was appointed the position of Chief Pilot in 2020 and is responsible for maintaining both pilot proficiency and the flying standards for the organization, as well as onboarding and training new pilots. David carries a Commercial Pilot’s License and multi-engine rating and enjoys flight testing both new and historical aircraft.

Larry Whitmore


Retired Sport Executive Director – former recreational pilot
Member since 2003 and a Board member for the last 10 years currently serving as Board Secretary and Tour Coordinator. Larry has a deep interest in Canadian and British military history as well as being an avid aviation enthusiast.

Michael Beneteau

dave Fluke

Don Christopher

Lancaster Project Director

After a 20 year career in Information technology, Don became a volunteer at CH2A in 2012, working on the Lancaster restoration. In 2014 he joined the Board of Directors and became Lancaster Project Director the following year. He was appointed Vice-President in 2015 and President in 2020.

Peter Rodgers

Was a machine repairman at GM transmission.

Peter has been working on the Mosquito project for about 10 years.

Yellow and Green Balloons

John Burford

Steve Thorne

Director Of Marketing

An active Yellow Bird pilot, and a filmmaker, Steve also runs a YouTube channel called “Flight Chops” sharing a wide variety of general aviation flying and training. In fact his entire museum fleet check-out process to learn to fly the Chipmunk and then the Harvard was shared there.
More recently Steve managed a project to acquire and build a Van’s Aircraft RV-14 with a team of volunteers from the museum and it was painted with livery reminiscent of the ‘Yellow Birds’. The aircraft is flown to major aviation events where it is often on display, proudly representing the Canadian Aviation Museum. 

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